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Joining SymVest

We welcome your interest in learning more about SymVest and learning more about investment opportunities presented on our website.

Registration on our site is available only to people over the age of 18 who are competent and able to make their own investment decisions freely and who are not subject to legal restrictions concerning their use of the site.

Although we refer to members as “investors” and we call a membership registration an “investment account” registration as a member on our site does not constitute an investment or an agreement or obligation to invest.

All material presented or made available via the website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer of investment or an offer of investment services or a solicitation for investment.

Unless we specifically state otherwise, there is no public market for any of the investments presented on this website. The investments are not approved by any financial authority for sale or offer to the general public. Investments are accepted only on the basis of application from investors. Neither SymVest nor its affiliates solicit investments in any jurisdiction where law or regulation prohibits solicitation.

Prior to making any investment you should always consult an independent professional financial advisor. Make sure you fully understand the nature of the investment the risks of making an investment before making any investment.

Neither SymVest nor its affiliates guarantee any investment the is presented on this website. You should be able and willing to assume the risk of loss of part or all of your capital invested. You should also be aware that you might not be able to liquidate or redeem your investment for an uncertain period of time. In addition to considering your own financial circumstances and consulting your own independent professional advisor you should read our Risk Warning.

To join SymVest simply register your account with us. Registration will enable you you review information and to receive materials produced by SymVest and its affiliates. When you register you’ll be asked to agree to the Terms of Use of this Website and you’ll be asked to read and review our Risk Disclosures and our Privacy Protection Policy.

The Importance of Diversification

We believe responsible investing means building a portfolio containing a wide variety of investments. A portfolio should include investments that are not highly correlated to each other. Investors should select investments only after understanding the risks and potential returns of those investments. Finally, each investment should be considered in the context of the investor’s overall financial circumstances and objectives.

Example – Diversified Portfolio


Fixed Income 35%


Equities 35%


Other assets (i.e. cash, real estate, alternatives) 30%

Investing with SymVest

If you decide to invest in any of the opportunities presented on this website you’ll need to complete an application and provide details to ensure we can properly identify you and follow required anti-money laundering procedures.

You’ll also be required to certify that’s you’ve read and agreed to the terms of the investment you make. Each investment is governing by specific terms and conditions. Please refer to the specific terms and conditions associate with the investment you wish to make.

SymVest and its affiliates accept investments only from investors who complete an application and who identify themselves in compliance with laws and regulations. Under no circumstances will SymVest or its affiliates accept payment from any bank account that is not registered in the name of the person or entity making the investment.

Investments are accepted on the basis of enquiry from investor and not on the basis of any offer, be it public or private. We reserve the right to reject investment from any person for any reason. We require that each investor certify that he or she understands the risks of investing, including the risk or loss of all or part of the capital invested. We require each investor also to represent to us that he or she is investing only after having considered the suitability of the investment in light of his or her own personal circumstances. No investor should rely only on the information provided by SymVest or its affiliates or the companies presenting information on this website. We strongly advise investors to consult an independent financial advisor prior to investing.

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