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Why invest with us?

When you invest with Symfonie you invest with a team of professionals who have the range of skills and expertise necessary to evaluate P2P lending platforms, understand their credit policies and select from among the many available loans. Investing with Symfonie provides the following benefits:

An experienced team manages your investment.

Symfonie brings together a team of highly experienced investment professionals with detailed knowledge about P2P loans and the lenders who are originating the loans.

We employ a rigorous investment selection process.

Successful investing starts with a screening and evaluation process designed to select investments that are likely to succeed. Read more about our P2P investment process

Your investment can be tailored to suit your needs.

We can construct and manage loan portfolios according to your criteria. You can select from a range of parameters including lending platform, type of loans, maturity of loans, credit quality rating of loans, currency of loans and whether of not to hedge your currency exposure. You can receive payments of principal and interest or reinvest.

You receive regular reporting about the performance of your investment.

Symfonie produce monthly and quarterly portfolio analysis with presentation of the composition of your loan portfolio, principal received and reinvested, interest earned, overall performance. Additionally, you’ll have access to a personal investment account representative who can answer your questions and concerns.

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