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Symfonie have a long and proven track record in credit investing and have developed proprietary models to analyze and select P2P loans. We select loans from internationally recognised P2P lenders so you can be confident your investment will perform well. Read about our track record

Select an investment horizon that matches your needs. Our Lending Fund and our P2P Notes feature loans with maturities of 3 to 5 years.

Select a cash flow structure that meets your needs. Our Lending Fund allows for continual re-investment of principal and interest to keep your money working. Our P2P Notes pay interest and principal quarterly.

Lending FundP2P NotesTailored P2P

Symfonie Lending Fund, LP

Symfonie Lending Fund invests in an international diversified portfolio of P2P consumer and business loans. The loans are are originated by some of leading peer to peer platforms, such as Lending Club, Prosper and Funding Circle. Income and principal can be paid out to the investor or re-invested.

  • Target returns of 8-12%
  • Three year and five year classes
  • Internationally diversified, currency hedged
  • Invested with P2P platforms with proven success
  • Professionally managed

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Symfonie P2P Notes

P2P Notes are fixed rate obligations collateralised by portfolios of P2P loans. We follow a disciplined investment process to select loans from leading platforms such as Lending Club, Prosper and Funding Circle. We pay interest and principal earned by the pool quarterly. P2P Notes have a unique safety reserve feature to help protect noteholders’ capital. Moreover, P2P Notes have a profit share feature that offers potential for an interest kicker payment when the Notes mature.

  • Fixed maturities of 3 and 5 years
  • Fixed coupons of 5.5% to 7%
  • Choice of currency – CZK/EUR/GBP/USD
  • Performance link offers potential upside
  • Internationally diversified
  • Invested with P2P platforms with proven success
  • Professionally managed

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Symfonie Tailored P2P Investing

Investors in our Tailored P2P Programme receive personal service from dedicated investment managers. This allows investors to select a collection of loans and P2P platform providers that meets their specific criteria.

  • Specify your choice of platform, maturity, and risk level
  • Segregated investment account
  • Personal service from dedicated account rep
  • Professionally managed

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