Investment funds

Investments in start-ups

Angel loans

Earn high income in our diversified
Peer to Peer lending fund.
Invest in innovative fast
growing companies.
We’re building a P2P platform
in Central Europe.
No investment should be a dice roll.
That’s why we take an active role in our portfolio companies.
Diversify through our Angel Fund or allocate your
investment directly to the companies you choose.
Our search for excellence
led us to 360Cities.


Who We Are and What We Do

SymVest  provides a gateway to a suite of professionally managed investments focused around two of the fastest growing areas of finance today – angel investing and peer to peer lending.

SymVest is a member of the Symfonie group of companies. Our mission is to provide investors not just investments, but also the tools, expertise and personal dedication it takes to make investments that generate returns.

Symfonie’s team of finance professionals has more than 15 years of experience and has worked at major international banks in corporate finance, portfolio management, investment analysis and trading. 

The SymVest product portfolio includes investment funds, managed investments in early stage companies and income generating peer to peer loans.

Symfonie Angel Fund

Symfonie Venture Partners, LP (our “Angel Fund”) invests in promising startup and early stage companies.   This unique investment partnership is managed by our affiliate, Symfonie Capital.

At Symfonie we believe the key to success as an angel investor is to provide investee companies with management support, corporate governance and introductions to potential investors, suppliers and customers.

The Angel Fund is managed by a team of professional investment managers and entrepreneurs with relevant experience who can add value to the portfolio companies.

From the day we invest to the day we exit we work to make each investment succeed.

Seed and Early Stage Investing

We introduce investors to innovative, fast growing startup and early stage companies.  These companies are presented on our website.

Investing in startup and early stage companies can be interesting and rewarding, but is also risky and can lead to loss of some or all of the capital invested. We cannot guarantee or assure the success of any investment, but there is much we do address the investment challenges so our investors can have confidence their investments will succeed.

Income Earning Peer to Peer Investments

We present an innovative and compelling set of investments designed to help investors generate high income and steady returns through peer to peer (P2P) investing.

SymCredit business loans enable investors to invest in loans of credit worthy businesses specifically approved for listing on the Symfonie website.  Symfonie peforms due diligence on each borrower prior to listing the loan, so investors can be confident in the reputation and integrity of each business borrower.

SymCredit minibonds enable investors to invest in loans issued by well established, reputable companies.  The relatively large size of these companies and their well established market presence makes mini-bonds provides investors confidence in the credit worthiness of companies listing SymCredit mini-bonds.

SymCredit – Our Peer to Peer Lending Platform

We’re building a P2P lending platform that will introduce investors to credit worthy consumers and business in the Czech Republic and Poland.  SymP2P Ltd is 100% owner of the SymCredit platform and is headquartered in the UK and is responsible for establishing SymCredit’s corporate governance and operating procedures.

UK investors purchasing common shares in SymP2P Ltd, can benefit from tax incentives under the UK’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Investors purchasing preferred shares in SymP2P can benefit from a 10% dividend, payable cumulatively and in arrears

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